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 Dr. Melanie S. Hussain 

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Hey You!

I'm Dr. Melanie S. Hussain, call me Dr. Mel !

Each day is started with the clothing we put on. Without even speaking, we are telling the world something—clothing is a form of nonverbal language. The colors we choose, designs, patterns, textures, and so much more allows us to self express and communicate to the world without us even realizing it.

I am a relational and style therapist who also does style and image consulting!

My main focus is on the understanding and empowerment of the self.  We are a solid force and entity and it is so important for us to better understand our SELF. Not many people take the time to do so, it is difficult being vulnerable and transparent with ourselves. Through my own personal experiences, struggling with self image and self esteem, I have used that to motivate me in my practice setting.

My approach includes self-empowerment strategies, mood and appearance therapy, and a biopsychosocial analysis as well. I have a vast clientele that ranges from providing individual therapy, academic counseling, working through post break-up relationships, coaching with athletes, addressing women’s issues, collaborating with the LGBTQ+ community, to styling and consulting with professionals. 

How we feel and view ourselves transfers to how we dress. Our own relationships we have with our self-image impacts the way we want to communicate with others. There are many factors in one’s life that can contribute to one’s self-esteem and emotional system, in turn impacting multiple systems within our lives. However, through self-exploration and joining the forces of self-image, emotion, mood, and clothing choice, it is possible to empower someone to make this world their own runway.

So whether you want to set up a therapy appointment to discuss whatever you are feeling or want to set up a style consultation to create a new vision for yourself, contact me! I'm here to integrate and collaborate in making you feel  safe, comfortable, and self empowered in the skin your are in.

It's about styling the life you want. That's a LIFESTYLE! 

With Love,

Dr. Mel



"I believe the way we feel inside is a direct reflection of how we feel on the outside, and vice versa. It’s all circular. I specialize in image empowerment, styling my clients from the inside out and from the outside in."
-Dr. Melanie S. Hussain

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Medical Family Therapy

My area of focus is on the SELF.

Providing relational therapy to individuals, medical patients, health professionals, women's issues, post-breakup, LGBTQ+ community, and grief & loss concerns.


Style Therapy

A therapeutic approach to styling and designing the image and look desired.  Using The Meltuition Model,

a self reflection process, to transform your look- inside and out. Guiding clients to feel self empowered. If you don't know how or what to shop for, you want to find a new look, or want to add new colors to your wardrobe, this is where you start!



Offering advice and expertise in academic challenges, launching in professional career, creating professional organization, business performance, organizational consulting, and appearance.

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Can't wait to talk to you! XOXO

Dr. Mel

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